Why would someone hire an Executive Coach?

Many executives benefit from regular coaching in order to stay focused on their goals as well as many adjustments in their behavior in order to maximize their productivity and impact. Other reasons to seek coaching are:
• assess and prepare for career field or position changes
• reduce stress and manage change, conflict or crisis
• define and accelerate personal development
• to have an objective and independent sounding board

In what type of situations would Team Building Sessions be a good idea?

• teams undergoing significant reorganization or focus
• team members not working well together for the overall department goals
• many new employees have joined the department
• the company or division is going through Strategic Planning

Are Birkman Assessments included in Team Building Sessions or Executive Coaching?

Unless there is a reason not to give Birkman Assessments to individuals taking part in a Team Building Session, Promega includes the administering the assessment as well as an individual consultation about the assessment before the Team Building Session occurs. Whether or not Executive Coaching clients take the Birkman Assessment varies case by case but we generally recommend it.

Do I need to live in Seattle in order to work with Promega?

No. We have clients in a variety of locations.

What are the costs associated with the different services provided?

We pride ourselves in customizing our services to each individual and corporations needs so we cannot quote set prices. Please contact us for more information on cost based on your specific needs.