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The breadth and depth of Promega’s consultant experiences creates a strong core of professionals who are innovative, intuitive and uncompromising in their pursuit of client results. Each Promega consultant brings between 18 and 35 years of consulting and corporate management and leadership experience. Our consultants are directly involved in designing and facilitating all client programs so that results are customized to the firm or individual’s unique needs. We pride ourselves in the support  and volunteer hours we consistently offer to Seattle non-profits so that Promega can give back to the community that made us successful.

Les Louia

Les Louia, President and CEO of Promega, has 40+ years of success in leadership development, team building, and consultative sales. His passion for building strong leaders is reflected in Les’ role as executive coach for dozens of high performance business leaders in a variety of industries. His experience with family-run businesses and large corporations, both private and public, have earned him a loyal following inside forward-looking Northwest companies.

Les views leadership skills as a “muscle group that need constant exercise” to fine tune and hone. His success is based on the knowledge gained by coaching extremely talented executives who believe there is always room to improve. His Birkman Profile Certification and application of Emotional Intelligence provides the foundation to customize outcomes to the needs of each individual client. His ability to develop long-lasting relationships has led to his reputation as a “common sense” trusted advisor.

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Elizabeth Curtiss

Consultant Elizabeth Curtiss is an experienced leader with many years of focus in management of organizations, with an emphasis on luxury focused and ecommerce retailers, non-profits and tech firms. She is a Birkman Certified Consultant and is a skilled trainer, outstanding speaker and strong facilitator.  She has owned a number of small businesses as well as worked for both mid-sized and large corporations. Beyond offering training on a variety of topics for our clients, her role at Promega includes management of Special Projects including developing and leading Team Building Retreats.  Her passion for training and developing leaders, as well as her background in sales, customer relations and marketing, allows her to serve the specific needs of Promega clients well.  Elizabeth lives in Seattle with her husband and two daughters and graduated from the University of California at Davis with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. In addition, she is a long time community volunteer and has served on numerous non-profit Boards for organizations like Page Ahead, a Washington Children’s Literacy Non-Profit, and The Junior League of Seattle.

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Karen Whorton

Karen Whorton, the Senior Operations Specialist for Promega, comes from a diverse employment background ranging from education, counseling, and more recently as a small business owner. Originally trained as a Master’s level school counselor Karen was responsible for all facets of guidance for a caseload of over 400 students. While in this often emotionally charged environment, Karen was able to hone her skills as a listener, mediator and advocate for staff and students alike. From there, with no prior business experience, Karen started her own company. With a “crash course” in everything from sales and marketing, to accounting, customer relations, overseas manufacturing, supply and distribution, she was able to grow her company from an idea to profitable business in its second year. Currently, Karen is using the aforementioned skills at Promega to oversee leadership workshops, interface with clients, execute vendor negotiations and day to day operations of our busy company. Karen graduated with a BA from the University of Washington and a MEd from Seattle Pacific University. In addition to raising two children and working, Karen has earned the US President’s Volunteer Service Award for the last three years. This presidential recognition is given annually for over 250 hours of service to the community.

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