Testimonials & Clients

“Enriching, it is rare to be able to take the time to step back and assess your life and try to improve, this was a great opportunity to do this.”

– Marie France Imberton, Costco Wholesale

“Fantastic, intentional, helpful, motivating and resourceful”

– Chris Aird, Salvation Army

“I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning this tool has been transformational in my life, thank you.”

– Greg Knight, Interstate Distributor Co.

“Hugely helpful, I suspect I will take many lessons with me throughout my life! Really like the holistic look at personal and professional goals.”

– Christine Lessard, Seattle Girls’ School

“Very worthwhile, I have benefitted in both my work and personal life relationships.”

– Donna Matuizek, Blood Cell Storage

“I learned skills that apply to all facets of life, not just work.”

– Chris Rodebaugh, Continental Mills